Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get Your Life Right

I haven't been on this site for sometime.. i have been taking care of a lot of real life things.. makes anything online seem stupid. No matter what happens in your life, the things u can control CONTROL, and the things you cannot control LET GO.. i decide what kind of energy i want around me, the friends i tolerate, the fights that occur. If you don't want negativity around you then eliminate it from your life. The people that constantly get caught in the middle of drama puts themselves there.. what are you doing to eradicate it? Having Stress in your life is inevitable.. having Drama in your life is a CHOICE.. Id be lying if i said i don't let certain things drive me to migraines on a daily basis but as soon as I'm ready to be done with it i know exactly how to deal with it. I wanted to make this site to empower girls but it seems like a lot of girls don't want help.. they wanna stay dramatic and I'm not wasting my time or breath on it.. if someone wants my advice they need to ask for it. I will not offer it. To anyone moving on the wrong path here's my only advice I'm giving.. GET YOUR LIFE RIGHT..