Thursday, April 15, 2010

my new diet.. for now lol

Oatmeal Diet... ima try it.. look up this link to see if its something you wanna try..

Being Sick SUX!!!!

I have gone 2 years without being sick and since the beginning of 2010 i have been sick 3 times!!!!!! I feel like my immune system is not working!!!! I have been going out way too much. Im sure thats contributing to it, and also im drinking alot more than i used to (socially). I think its time to get back in the gym, start taking better care of myself.. minimum drinking, better diet. Lets see how long that lasts lol..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

MiQahs Weekend

It's safe to say my weekend was fun filled, shoutout to Club Cibo's for such a dope Bday Bash for my Big Bro Jay.

Writers Block: What's Meant For Me

I have always been in love with the idea of being in love, i see it in the movies and it looks like the happiest a girl can ever get. She finds the perfect guy, he sweeps her off her feet, buys her flowers "just because", knows all of her little quirks and laughs, then takes her to the most unbelievable spot, drops down on one knee and asks to spent an eternity with her. Then i look at my own life and see none of that. All ive ever gotten from a guy is a headache, no gifts, flowers only when he did something wrong, the sound of marriage makes them run the other way. It wasn't until 6 months ago that i finally envisioned my wedding day. I usually don't think about certain things until i get closer to that step, and if i haven't gotten to the step before it than there's no point in thinking about anything to far ahead. I barely keep boyfriends consistently for over a year so there's no point in thinking about my wedding. I fell in love with a guy last year that i fell for so hard i finally thought marriage was possible. I connected with him in a way i never have with anyone else. He seemed so perfect, too perfect honestly so that should have been a sign that something about him wasn't right. Unfortunately i was right and we broke up. It hurt that i allowed myself to love someone that never saw a future with me. For once id like to find someone that wants to have a future, with me in it. Not just "talk" about the things they wanna be for me, but BE the things they wanna be for me. Im a good woman, friend, lover, and i deserve the best from a guy. Not headaches, making me cry, disappointing me, lying to me. I know there are good guys out there, i just wish i knew one when i saw one. Im not sure whats meant for me. Am i solely meant to be in love only to be hurt so that i can help others not make the same mistakes i have? I feel like im a crash test dummy, i just wanna be that girl that lives happily ever after. Until then im happy just being by myself.

Written By: MiQah

Im NOT a Gossip Site!!!

My site is based on stuff im into and from time to time written work geared towards connecting with women thru tough times being or not being in love. If you are looking for me to give you the scoop on who Rosa Acosta is Boning then you came to the wrong site.. I could care less about what someone else is doing. Im only focused on myself and people i fux with.. famous ppl can F'k off lol.. Im sure they like me more for the simple fact i DONT tell all of their business. Thats all folks :)