Thursday, December 31, 2009

FFOTD (Fashion Feature of the Day): Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo was always recognized as a visionary, and his designs ranged from the strikingly bizarre objet d'art to the traditionally elegant, often serving as the main inspiration to other footwear designers of his time and beyond. Salvatore Ferragamo died in 1960 at the age of 62, but his name lives on as an international company, which has expanded its operations to include luxury shoes, bags, eyewear, silk accessories, watches, perfumes and a ready-to-wear clothing line.

Source: Wikipedia

New Video: Diamond feat. Cee-Lo "Superbad" (Dirty Version)

Happy New Year from Girls Therapy!!!

This is the time to make new goals, make up for the past mistakes, start fresh. To some 2009 was a great year, to some it was the worst, and to some it was just a blur. Lets make better choices, cherish loved ones, aspire to be great. God is giving everyone a new beginning, take full advantage of the opportunity. Have a Happy New Year, be safe, drink responsibly.

xoxo MiQah

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ladies this is not ok.. if you feel that you are guilty of this please seek immediate attention.. No Bueno!! LOL!!!

Throwback Video: Kevin Rudolf F/ Lil Wayne: ♫ "Let it Rock" ♫

One of my Hubbys Favv "Get Amped" Tracks, i hope you like

Skillz 2009 Rap Up

MiQahs Quote of the Day:

"If you think your world is gonna end, it will" STAY POSITIVE!!!!

Therapy Session: "I Decided"

I wrote this when i needed inspiration, i hope it gives you the same feeling. Read this as you go into the new year :)

I Decided...

That i dont have time nor room to be selfish.. it cant always jus be abt me..
i got too many people depending on me.. too many that think so highly of me.. thats proud of me.. inspired by me.. i cant let em down.. giving up would mean im also givin up on me.. then whos winning then?? whos really, truly happy?? no one!!! Not even yourself.. so ima keep goin even when it seems like winnings illogical.. cause losin is still far from optional... u cant make everyone happy but that doesnt mean that u still dont try... jus try a different way that works.. cause what u were doin wasnt the best fit 4 u.. so thx 4 those that inspire me to be greater each and everyday.. givin up is the easy way out.. life is abt challenging yourself.. u can't progress if u dont.. you will either fall backwards or stay in the same spot.. say it with me as jay would say ... I WILL NOT LOSE !!!!

My Top 3 Fab Chicas of 2009 Picks

I picked women that had a consistency in wearing the hottest threads, and always looking fabulous in front of every camera lens.. They are in no particular order.

#1: Amber Rose

I swear this chick came outta nowhere! But ever since she latched on to the arm, and loot of musical genius Kanye West, she has blown all the other chicks out of the water with her bold fashion. She says that she has no stylist and she puts all of her looks together on her own. I gotta respect her for that because she looks great, and has everyone thinking its ok to shave they damn heads, Get em mama!!

#2: Victoria Beckham (Posh)

This woman has always exuded class and sex to me at the same time. She went from being in a girl group to being the most desired woman in Europe along with her equally gorgeous husband David Beckham. I love her style, even on her worst day she looks better than most, Get em mama!!

#3: Rihanna

Im not gonna elaborate why she's on this list, her presence speaks for itself, lol

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FFOTD (Fashion Feature of the Day): Kerin Rose

Just thought you would like to see the of glasses this chick makes. Im sure you have seen many celebs wearing them, like Rihanna, Amber Rose. Out of all of the lines she seems to have the coolest ones. You can check out her site at

Monday, December 28, 2009

Seriously Nicki???

Im getting so tired of people defending the assets of this chick Nicki Minaj. Its painstakingly obvious the chicks a** is FAKE!! No ones backside looks like that unless you are Serena Williams and are an athlete that works out like crazy. I seriously doubt that girl has ever seen a gym! The proof has been out for a while but Nicki stans are still in denial. Besides the fact that i know someone that went to LaGuardia High with her and said all of "that" is fake, but the looks of this picture shows shes got a buttpad on. No ones butt is that circular and pronounced. If her hair and boobs arent real, why would her butt be???? Just sayin..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary Babe

Dear Tre'
For the past 11 months you have brought so much joy into my life. You worked on my heart like a paramedic until you found a pulse in me. I never thought in a million years that i would ever love again and here you are. We talk about things no one understands, and it leaves our stomachs in knots. Have the most passionate debates, sometimes can lead to an argument, but the outcome brings us closer together than ever before. With you i continue to grow, to learn about life, about me. Being with you has made me realize what all the past pain was for, to see this beauiful soul right in front of me, and he's here simply to just love me. You took the time to learn every little thing about me, the good and the bad, and you still manage to treat me better than any man has ever treated me before. You know all of my laughs, my sighs, the way i breathe as to whether or not im sleepy or simply just waking up. You know all of the right things to say to me, we literally say everything at the exact same time. Ive never in my life felt so connected to someone. Theres nothing i dont know about you but yet at times im still trying to unwrap your gift packaging. Theres so much depth to you, im happy im one of the few people that get to see it. I promised you that i would love you unconditionally, and i mean it each and every day. I wanna see the world with you, have you be my first for everything, because with you i feel like my life is just beginning. You have taught me how to be a better person. I didnt realize how different i was until i met you, or how in so many ways i handicapped myself mentally. You set my mind free to endless possibilities, now i feel like i can conquer the world. You inspire me to be the very best i can be, you are and forever will be my sweet muse. No one has ever supported and encouraged me like you do, you are my biggest fan. Nothing compares to you, nothing. I am just glad you love me for me, because i love you the same. I cant wait to spend the rest of my days with you. Life suddenly seems so much sweeter after tasting you, i love you Tre, stay mine.

Therapy Session: All men do NOT suck!!!!

I have heard for so many years that all men are trash, and that good men do not exist. I myself felt that way for many years, with many reasons to confirm it. But i realized that maybe, just maybe i had a little something to do with the failures ive come across. These are the men that I chose, and everything they did to me was just because i was who they had the opportunity to do those bad things to. If it wasnt me it would have been someone else, i realized it wasnt personal. These men had alot of growing up to do, and it was my fault for allowing these men to stand next to me as if they deserved me. So basically the more you learn about yourself and how you feel about YOU, then the answers will become more clear as to why these things continue to happen to you. Of course what these men do aren't right, its actually inhumane to me, BUT i continued to accept these things and did not have standards for myself. Once i realized what i was worth and what i deserved, i was able to sift out the BullS**t men out of my life to make room for men with more potential. I also had to be ok with myself completely as well, be happy whether i was with someone or not. You cannot solely depend on one individual to keep you happy in LIFE. All they are responsible for is making you happy in your relationship, but if you are not happy in life overall it will make the relationship strenuous. Be able to carry your own weight, and if you have a good man he will take that weight off of you. A woman that feels good about HERSELF will attract a good man. I promise you they are out there. So when you see yourself in a terrible relationship just look in the mirror and ask yourself "what are YOU gonna do about that?". Its just that simple, the key to having a good man is in US. Discover your own strength and you will go far in life. I hope this helps someone, and if you have anything to add to this feel free to comment. Good men DO EXIST!!!!

Fashion Feature of the Day (FFOTD): Nike Blazers

My friend totally put me on these hi-tops since im a dedicated fan of the "Dunks". If you like to be bold, artistic, or have a fun playful look, then these are for you. They come in an ENDLESS amount of designs, so you have alot to choose from. The retail price is about 75-80 dollars, so they are a decent price for sneakers. You can get them any spot that sells Nike.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ideas for NYE if You're in NYC

Still not sure where to go to celebrate the new year 2010? If youre in the New York area be sure to beforehand check out where they will have tickets for all the hot spots like the famous "Tavern on the Green", hot latin "Sofrito", "Times Square Center", "49 Grove", and much much more. Dont miss out!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Writers Block: MiQah (M.Davis)

This is where we feature written poetry pieces from women all over. We gain so much inspiration to write, whether its from a dream, to a break-up, to just people watching. I hope you can read them and find ways to relate and become inspired to create more positivity in your lives.

The piece featured today is written by myself from over the course of a couple of years. It was a very rough time for me and i wrote these pieces to help vent (like a diary entry). At the time i had no idea it would become anything that people would actually want to read but after getting alot of positive feedback i decided to share them with the world. I hope this inspires other girls to do the same. I hope you enjoy.

"He Said" By: Monique (MiQah) Davis

I have a rocky relationship with love... loves never been there 4 me when it counted..

There was a time when i felt like i could never get it right.. everything went wrong.. and wanted 2 give up on it..

But when i wanted 2 there he was.. "He Said" not all guys are assholes.. "He Said" if he had the chance he'd treat her right.. never make her cry.. never hurt or break her heart like the others...

He never tried to play a mind game with me.. never made me feel like i was jus his next target...

Talked to me like i was real.. with a heart that didnt deserve to be severed and black..

His words of advice seemed genuine.. somethin i never seen..

I was ready to close the door on love.. hurted 2 much to keep it open.. But "He Said" not 2 give up..

I stumbled upon him.. but this time it was different.. didnt plan it.... didnt kno he'd notice me..

God kept tellin me to go 4 it.. didnt kno y but i did.. wasnt sure where this road was abt to take me.. but i took his hand..

One nite on the day of L.O.V.E i felt somethin i didnt kno i could feel again after all of the pain while on the top of a hill.. didnt kno i could feel at all cause the cold was numbing.. while holding him that moment i fell 4 him..

I didnt kno love could feel like this.. on a high drugs could never fufill.. i thought i finally realized what the pain was for.. id never be able to identify with true love without it.. and there he was..

"He Said" so many things.. that made me feel like he was it.. "He Said" he thought i was "the one".. that i was perfect.. the best Girl he ever had the pleasure to be with..

There wasnt one day.. one hour.. second that i was not in love.. i thought he felt the same.. so why am i alone again?

How do u do everything right and still lose? I thought "He Said" id never have to be afraid to lose him.. that he'd make it work no matter what.. id never have to hurt again.. i thought it was "us" so why are "you" leaving "me" ?

Good people arent selfish.. they dont hurt other good people... they take care of your heart not break it.. Why do people throw away something promising to gamble on somethin that they know isnt? Dont they kno how cold and lonely this world is? How finding someone that loves your heart just as much as you do is a rarity? Theyre never satisfied with what they have.. even if its the best they will ever have.. and later when its no longer attainable they change their tune and want it back?

Love doesnt make you leave.. Love isnt selfish.. Love doesnt make u use someone.. play replacement songs to hurt them even more.. everything "He Said" was a lie with a ribbon tied to it.. He never loved me..he was just like the others.. its so easy to be like everyone else.. why not wanna be different?

Now i dont kno him anymore.. now i dont kno love.. now what "He Said" to me he will soon say to someone else..

MiQahs Quote of the Day:

"no one knows when the good things come to us.. but if u really want it to happen it will" - MiQah

FFOTD (Fashion Feature of the Day): Stella McCartney

Daughter of world renowned Beatles member Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney has decided to put her hands into the world of fashion. From Handbags, Shoes, Lingerie, Collections on the runway during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, she has definitely made quite a name for herself without the recognition of her papa. You can find A-List Celebs wearing her threads on any given day or red carpet. check out her website for a the full diva experience

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Video: Amerie feat. Fabolous "More Than Love"

MiQah's Quote of the Day

"pettiness should be a sickness.. i guess some people dont like taking anything for it.. let em suffer" -MiQah

Leopard is here to stay!!!!

I had a conversation with my hubby about animal print patterns, (we discuss EVERYTHING!), and he had no idea that leopard print was considered nice or classy looking. He always associated it with tacky, gaudy, peggy bundy type looks, and that couldnt be further from the truth. In my belief its all about HOW you wear it. Make leopard an accessory for your outfit like bangles, scarf, earrings, boots, handbag,or even an umbrella, and if your daring wear it as the focal point with a cute form fitting dress. The key is DONT overdo it, mixing it with a solid color is best, like black. Have fun with it, it really speaks to those who are bold, edgy, and like to be seen. Here are some things i picked out that would look great.