Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Therapy Session: "I Decided"

I wrote this when i needed inspiration, i hope it gives you the same feeling. Read this as you go into the new year :)

I Decided...

That i dont have time nor room to be selfish.. it cant always jus be abt me..
i got too many people depending on me.. too many that think so highly of me.. thats proud of me.. inspired by me.. i cant let em down.. giving up would mean im also givin up on me.. then whos winning then?? whos really, truly happy?? no one!!! Not even yourself.. so ima keep goin even when it seems like winnings illogical.. cause losin is still far from optional... u cant make everyone happy but that doesnt mean that u still dont try... jus try a different way that works.. cause what u were doin wasnt the best fit 4 u.. so thx 4 those that inspire me to be greater each and everyday.. givin up is the easy way out.. life is abt challenging yourself.. u can't progress if u dont.. you will either fall backwards or stay in the same spot.. say it with me as jay would say ... I WILL NOT LOSE !!!!

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