Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Should we cut Jlo a check??

For as long as i can remember women never had the "ass"ets that i see on women in the industry today, especially video models. Not even 10 years ago Jennifer Lopez's derriere was considered huge, now compared to many of these models it looks normal. Unless there is a secret rump potion im not aware of, i think these women had to make some "adjustments" for their desires figures. If you wanna have butt implants and injections FINE but own up to it and stop acting like thats homegrown. Now theres pressure on alot of women to measure up to this and has gone to great lengths to have the same look. Some even wearing butt pads to have the look without the surgery. Ladies chime in on this epidemic, has it gone "too far" or is it ok to add on to the list on whats "fake" on a woman.

P.S: To many men the less artificial about a woman the better.. jus sayin..

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