Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Top 3 Fab Chicas of 2009 Picks

I picked women that had a consistency in wearing the hottest threads, and always looking fabulous in front of every camera lens.. They are in no particular order.

#1: Amber Rose

I swear this chick came outta nowhere! But ever since she latched on to the arm, and loot of musical genius Kanye West, she has blown all the other chicks out of the water with her bold fashion. She says that she has no stylist and she puts all of her looks together on her own. I gotta respect her for that because she looks great, and has everyone thinking its ok to shave they damn heads, Get em mama!!

#2: Victoria Beckham (Posh)

This woman has always exuded class and sex to me at the same time. She went from being in a girl group to being the most desired woman in Europe along with her equally gorgeous husband David Beckham. I love her style, even on her worst day she looks better than most, Get em mama!!

#3: Rihanna

Im not gonna elaborate why she's on this list, her presence speaks for itself, lol

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