Sunday, December 27, 2009

Therapy Session: All men do NOT suck!!!!

I have heard for so many years that all men are trash, and that good men do not exist. I myself felt that way for many years, with many reasons to confirm it. But i realized that maybe, just maybe i had a little something to do with the failures ive come across. These are the men that I chose, and everything they did to me was just because i was who they had the opportunity to do those bad things to. If it wasnt me it would have been someone else, i realized it wasnt personal. These men had alot of growing up to do, and it was my fault for allowing these men to stand next to me as if they deserved me. So basically the more you learn about yourself and how you feel about YOU, then the answers will become more clear as to why these things continue to happen to you. Of course what these men do aren't right, its actually inhumane to me, BUT i continued to accept these things and did not have standards for myself. Once i realized what i was worth and what i deserved, i was able to sift out the BullS**t men out of my life to make room for men with more potential. I also had to be ok with myself completely as well, be happy whether i was with someone or not. You cannot solely depend on one individual to keep you happy in LIFE. All they are responsible for is making you happy in your relationship, but if you are not happy in life overall it will make the relationship strenuous. Be able to carry your own weight, and if you have a good man he will take that weight off of you. A woman that feels good about HERSELF will attract a good man. I promise you they are out there. So when you see yourself in a terrible relationship just look in the mirror and ask yourself "what are YOU gonna do about that?". Its just that simple, the key to having a good man is in US. Discover your own strength and you will go far in life. I hope this helps someone, and if you have anything to add to this feel free to comment. Good men DO EXIST!!!!

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