Friday, December 25, 2009

Writers Block: MiQah (M.Davis)

This is where we feature written poetry pieces from women all over. We gain so much inspiration to write, whether its from a dream, to a break-up, to just people watching. I hope you can read them and find ways to relate and become inspired to create more positivity in your lives.

The piece featured today is written by myself from over the course of a couple of years. It was a very rough time for me and i wrote these pieces to help vent (like a diary entry). At the time i had no idea it would become anything that people would actually want to read but after getting alot of positive feedback i decided to share them with the world. I hope this inspires other girls to do the same. I hope you enjoy.

"He Said" By: Monique (MiQah) Davis

I have a rocky relationship with love... loves never been there 4 me when it counted..

There was a time when i felt like i could never get it right.. everything went wrong.. and wanted 2 give up on it..

But when i wanted 2 there he was.. "He Said" not all guys are assholes.. "He Said" if he had the chance he'd treat her right.. never make her cry.. never hurt or break her heart like the others...

He never tried to play a mind game with me.. never made me feel like i was jus his next target...

Talked to me like i was real.. with a heart that didnt deserve to be severed and black..

His words of advice seemed genuine.. somethin i never seen..

I was ready to close the door on love.. hurted 2 much to keep it open.. But "He Said" not 2 give up..

I stumbled upon him.. but this time it was different.. didnt plan it.... didnt kno he'd notice me..

God kept tellin me to go 4 it.. didnt kno y but i did.. wasnt sure where this road was abt to take me.. but i took his hand..

One nite on the day of L.O.V.E i felt somethin i didnt kno i could feel again after all of the pain while on the top of a hill.. didnt kno i could feel at all cause the cold was numbing.. while holding him that moment i fell 4 him..

I didnt kno love could feel like this.. on a high drugs could never fufill.. i thought i finally realized what the pain was for.. id never be able to identify with true love without it.. and there he was..

"He Said" so many things.. that made me feel like he was it.. "He Said" he thought i was "the one".. that i was perfect.. the best Girl he ever had the pleasure to be with..

There wasnt one day.. one hour.. second that i was not in love.. i thought he felt the same.. so why am i alone again?

How do u do everything right and still lose? I thought "He Said" id never have to be afraid to lose him.. that he'd make it work no matter what.. id never have to hurt again.. i thought it was "us" so why are "you" leaving "me" ?

Good people arent selfish.. they dont hurt other good people... they take care of your heart not break it.. Why do people throw away something promising to gamble on somethin that they know isnt? Dont they kno how cold and lonely this world is? How finding someone that loves your heart just as much as you do is a rarity? Theyre never satisfied with what they have.. even if its the best they will ever have.. and later when its no longer attainable they change their tune and want it back?

Love doesnt make you leave.. Love isnt selfish.. Love doesnt make u use someone.. play replacement songs to hurt them even more.. everything "He Said" was a lie with a ribbon tied to it.. He never loved me..he was just like the others.. its so easy to be like everyone else.. why not wanna be different?

Now i dont kno him anymore.. now i dont kno love.. now what "He Said" to me he will soon say to someone else..

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