Monday, March 8, 2010

Im Not a Biter, Im a Writer..

Alot of things i may write about are solely based on MY experiences, and the lessons ive learned along the way. Just because i feel a certain way does not mean i DONT feel empathy for the opposing target in my subject matter (ie:gender). Even tho there are different point of views, im going to give you MY P.O.V. Im here to better women, because i feel better suited for it, ill let men coach other men. Im tired of hearing that im "male bashing"... since when was speaking the truth male bashing?? I speak on whats really happening out here, whether its pretty or not. Ima tell yall the good, the bad, and the very ugly tendencies of men and relationships. Hopefully i can help someone not make the same mistakes as myself or other women. Im not bitter, i dont have repressed anger, im not biting peoples heads off for no reason, im not scorned, but i AM smart enough to know what i WONT tolerate when i meet the next man in my life. I know my self worth, and as long as i know that i will not give two shits about what opinions people may have upon me. I blog to let you be a part of what happens to me in my journeys in life, some fun, some hurtful, but its all real. You can either hold on, or hop off, but either way this train is gonna keep moving..

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