Friday, March 5, 2010

A Must Read: From SexyPhresh Blog

"Lies & Betrayal" By: Tasha Gonzalez

Have you ever spent your life with someone and realized everything they ever said to you has been nothing but a big fat lie? Well I have and I've realized that men is not looking for love cause he could have the most perfect woman laying next to him who does everything for him and love him with all her heart, but see to him all of that doesn't matter. He wants a woman who FITS into his plans, into his time and into his schedule; what she wants or how she feels doesn't matter to him. If he doesn't have any plans for her in his future he will dump her and all of the things she thought they had never existed to him besides the sex & attention she was giving to him.
Any man knows that he could have any girl he wants, so to him the girl he's with is only an option until the next girl comes along or when he just feels like relationships isn't for him anymore. You're not his priority until he puts a ring on your finger. You are not his until you're married. So ladies we do we feel so tied down when we are with someone when they don't even priority us? Why do we choose to stick around with one man who's still on the hunt for something else? Lets not give them the opportunity to fuck us over! Have as many options as you like - the key is to not have sex with them, just be out there open and ready for new opportunities just like he does. Let him KNOW that he's not the only one because you're beautiful and you can get anyone you want. He's nobody until he fully commit to you. Just because a man says he loves you (and trust me I been told I been loved to and still got dumped!) doesn't mean he plans to stick around with you. When a man says "You are too good for me/You are too good to be true" he's basically saying it because he feels bad about something he's not treating you right with. He feels guilty for all the love he's getting from you but isn't giving back to you. He knows you are wifey material but since you're not apart of his future plans he will dump you, it's just a matter of time.
Us girls need to be stronger and not fall into a bunch of crap. We need to open our eyes and LISTEN to the words he's saying. ACTIONS speak louder than words, if he's not doing anything to show you he loves you he's probably full of shit.

Source: SexyPhresh

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