Sunday, April 3, 2011

How To "Deal"

If anyone knows about heartache its me. I've been through it all. When i see another girl going through something my instinct is to soothe them from that pain. Men seem to have no conscience these days but i want girls to understand a thing or two about men.

Men are very simple creatures, not because they are easy to deal with, but rather they aren't smart enough to be complex and have layers lol. What you see is what you get with a man. If they don't seem interested then 9 times out of 10 they aren't. Men don't waste time on things and if they don't seem into you then the best thing for you to do is move on to someone who appreciates your time. So many girls want a man that doesn't even take the time to give you what you want out of him. Theres more that we want from a man besides his physical, we want his heart too. When you have a mans heart he will be singing the chorus to Bruno Mars "Grenade". Men will do ANYTHING for a woman if he's truly invested in you, if he makes you suffer even for a second then hes not worth the attention. Why give him what he wants if he doesn't give you what you want? People that truly love you are willing to compromise.

Getting over someone is hard but not impossible. A man taught me that the best way to get over someone is "distraction". As soon as you start thinking about them simply start doing something else to distract yourself from dwelling on your thoughts. Stay busy, be around people that make you laugh, have new goals for yourself. Dwelling on the past only keeps you where you are, and you want to keep life going. No man is worth you being sad, EVER. Hes not calling, not returning your calls and theres a reason. If he wanted you HE would be with you. Its as simple as it sounds..

If he doesn't want you than its his loss, God must have someone better for you.. in the mean time enjoy life, you will be okay.. i promise :)

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