Thursday, March 17, 2011

Overcoming Adversity

Adversity is something that is inevitable in life. As long as you are on this Earth people will test you, Cars will break down, you run out of resources, friendships come and go, relationships wear down heavy on you, Lights get cut off, deals fall thru, jobs get lost, minds get lost. With all of the bad things that happen to us on a daily basis we must learn something, there will ALWAYS be adversity, but its not about what you go thru, its how you move past it. Nothing lasts, good or bad, you have to find a way to put life on cruise control. Its not as easy as it may seem and im sure i need to take my own advice but people need to know that everything can be turned around. You just need faith, and patience. If you look back on all of the tough times you endured, what do you think about them today? Are you better? Stronger? Regret how you handled it? Do you feel better than you did at that time? When you go through hell, rock bottom, you can only go up. If you think that way then everything will be easier to go through. I personally have been through alot but to me its growing pains and in the future i have the choice to either let it defeat me or let it condition me.

So what, we're not allowed to have weak moments? We cant make a mistake? Be wrong about how they went about something? The answer is YES! People cant be perfect all of the time, forgiveness heals all..if you have friends or family that TRULY have your back and love you then their loyality will never go awry. If it does than that shows they never had your back in the first place. Seperate yourself from people that dont show you that they love you. Support from loved ones is CRUCIAL in tough times. Thats when they are needed the most. Theres no time for egos and animosity. See past that and wonder why they are really acting out. Know who they are deep inside and not judge them by the action itself. When you know and love someone you give them the benefit of the doubt, and when someone recognizes their faults then let the negativity go.

When adversity is all around you support is so important. No one in this world can make it alone, and if they can that world for them is a lonely place. Be a good person and stay positive, even when others cant. Negativity gets you nowhere. As soon as people recongnize that people arent perfect 365 days a year its easier to deal with them. If i gave you hell for one day and i gave you laughter and love for 364? Then know grudges and negativity isnt worth holding on to, its foolish. When the dust settles you will see things for what they really are.

Tough times dont last, Tough people do..

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