Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ex Chronicles: Popping up after a Breakup

If you are in a relationship and one of your exes "randomly" calls you to see how you are doing, please know its not for innocent reasons. Know the signs of trouble.

If you are broken up with an ex, everyone knows the best way to move on is to cut all ties with them. When you start a new relationship, the best thing for you to do is start fresh without the baggage.

So now you have been in a relationship, a happy one, and an ex reaches out, do you allow that? If you want to hear what the ex has to say, thats fine but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES to you let the communication continue! If the ex is trying to get back into your life THERES A REASON!! Ill let you know from experience its never a good reason. If your ex is even thinking about you then they havent moved on. That innocent situation can get from bad to worse.

If your partner is not cool with the opened lines of communication then STOP. The only way its ok is if you were already cool with them BEFORE the relationship so that the partner knows up front and they will have the choice whether to be a part of that new relationship or not. But NEVER rehash an old relationship well into your new one, that will raise many suspicions.

What people must know is if the ex knows you are in a new relationship and they continue to interact with them like "they used to", please know they DON'T respect you or your relationship. Dont tell me "she got a man, she don't want me".. if she had a man she'd be respecting her own relationship and NOT reaching out to your ass... i bet if her man knew what she was doing then he'd have the very same issue with her actions. The ex does not care how she is affecting your relationship, and thats not a person that truly cares about you, so why bring that person back in the picture?

If you respect your relationship then leave that ex where they belong, GONE! Its not about the partner being insecure, its about them being smart enough to see when something isn't right and acting on it.

If you want a lasting relationship than leave your exes in your PAST!!!!!!!!

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