Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Wife, Happy Life..

Fellas, You wanna know how to have a lasting relationship??? KEEP US WOMEN HAPPY! As long as the woman is not happy, NOTHING will be happy.. Ask any old head how their 35 year marriage has lasted so long, most likely they will say "just go along with whatever the wife says". When the woman is happy then everything else will continue to be in working order. The woman keeps everything together, especially in a family setting with children. We take care of the kids, the home front, do all the cooking, chores, carpooling, keeping track of all the bills, organization, errands, and lastly we keep our man happy in bed. All the men need to do is keep their dick in their pants, maintain loyalty and bring home the bacon.

Dont argue with us, its a losing battle for you. We will always have the last word (whether we're right or wrong) and we remember EVERYTHING you say so if you contradict yourself be prepared for us to throw it at you during a fight. Do you wanna be happy or do you wanna be right??? The choice is yours, but if you want a happy relationship then cater to your woman and pick your battles with her. Let some shit roll over... its not worth the attitude your woman is gonna give you for the rest of the week.

Make sure you make your woman feel special everyday. Like Rihanna sings make her feel like the only girl in the world. As long as you are giving us a daily boost of compliments it will benefit you in the long run. Notice the small changes she makes. If she changes her hair, new outfit, smells good, TELL HER! You will stay in her good graces.

Most importantly when we talk to you, we dont want you to fix our problems or even want your input, we just want you to LISTEN!!!! Just seem interested in whatever she wants to talk about (even if you could care less). Thats very important to a woman. If i talk about my nail polish for 20 mins, my boyfriend will give me 100% of his attention out of respect for me. The more you are interested in our interests the more we will be open to yours. Now that my boyfriend shows interests in my favorite things now i watch and talk about sports with him more consistently. It makes us more open to the things you enjoy.

Do not make constant negative observations about us. We are already self conscious about ourselves as it is, dont add to it. Dont tell us you hate our hair a certain way, or we wear too much makeup, thats not up to you to say. When we ASK for your opinion only THEN do you give us your observation. Something like that will ruin our entire mood. Dont pick us apart, women hate that.

Moral of the story is, the woman is always right, compromise, and just agree (even if you dont want to) and you will have a happier woman..

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