Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is Success???

I had to speak my mind about people and their twisted values in life. There was an article about a C-List Video Chick/Semi Actress that said having Red Bottoms is necessary if you want to "elevate" in life. It honestly disgusted me because the lives celebs live just isnt the "norm". To me they live in a bubble. The average person cannot afford 500 dollar shoes, people got bills.. Its bad enough that society is messed up because we normal insecure folks look to celebs to figure out how to live their lives, in other words "keeping up with the joneses". People need to get their priorities in order. If you have red bottoms, a top of the line vehicle, and renting an apt in the projects than you need to reevaluate your life. Alot of those celebs get all of those expensive clothes, shoes, bags for FREE.

Material things do NOT define happiness, do NOT define success. Create your own level of happiness and success. Expensive things are nice but it doesnt define you. Im not spending 500 dollars on shoes that probably wont even be relevant in 5 years. Its a waste of money. You should invest your money on longterm success and goals. A home, funds for your growing family. Invest in things that doesnt Depreciate so quickly. Save your money for things that MATTER. Make sure your parents are well off, help friends in need, secure your future, F**k some red bottoms.

All you people are doing by buying all this expensive shit is securing the future of the person that makes the shoes. You spent your last on a pair of 500 dollar shoes and guess where it went??? In some old fogies pocket name louboutin in france.. hes gonna wipe his ass with your money cause it cleans his ass better than toilet paper. Think about that.

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