Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MiQah's Fetishes: Neon Nail Polish

I could be having the worst day but when i put on some crazy bright colored nail polish it can change the course of my entire day. Bright colors to me says "smile".. and alot of girls tend to stick to one color all of the time and never are the daring types. I like dark clothing for the most part but i also love bright colors, so to soothe that craving i came up with having a "pop-a-color" to every outfit i have. Usually its accessories but i also tend to do it with nail polish the most, the brighter the better. Today i wore all black and neon pink nail polish, it made me feel so dope. Here are some colors that i think look good. Be sure to find nail polish that you feel look good on your fingers. Experiment and HAVE FUN!!

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